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#BookReview - Who's First?: Chicken and Egg Book 1 @BooksFrog

Who's First?: Chicken and Egg Book 1

By: Deborah Stevenson
Illustrated by: David Stedmond
Publisher: Frog Prince Books
Publication Date: April 2020
ISBN: 978-1732541030
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: March 2020
Children's book author Deborah Stevenson offers readers a "laugh-out-loud" funny book with her latest offering, Who's First?: Chicken and Egg Book 1.
Chicken and Egg are the very best of friends. They love to hang out together and do all sorts of interesting things. When we first meet them, they are sitting on a couple of bales of hay, drinking something cool, with a fan blowing a breeze their way. But it's not helping - the weather is quite toasty and they are HOT!
"I'm frying in this heat!" Chicken exclaimed.
"It's sweltering!" Egg replied. "A little longer out here and I'll be hard-boiled!"
What are two best friends to do on such a hot day? The best thing, decides Chicken, is to go to Big Scoops, the ice cream store, and eat banana splits. But trouble awaits them at the store...
When Chicken and Egg arrive at Big Scoops, Chicken holds the door open. "After you," he tells Egg. But Egg insists that Chicken go first. Back and forth they go:
"I couldn't" said Chicken. "By all means, you first!"
"No, no," protested Egg. "You first!"
This went on for a ridiculously long time.
While the two argue, Sam the Ice Cream Man insists they shut the door. Why? Because they were letting all the cool air out of the store. Slightly embarrassed, Egg and Chicken close the door. How would they ever decide who would enter the store first?
Who's First? Chicken and Egg Book 1 is a very clever story that children will absolutely love. We've all wondered whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first, and via a funny tale, Stevenson takes a new look at this question. The friends try several different things to resolve their dilemma, from flipping a coin to having a race. But each time they run into some sort of issue, and they argue, or talk, or try to figure out how to proceed. And each time it goes on "for a ridiculously long time." I believe this is the first time that the author has teamed up with illustrator David Stedmond, and I have to say that the pairing is definitely a good match. Egg and Chicken are adorable, and Stedmond manages to convey their emotions perfectly. Combine that with a unique storyline, and you have a great combination for a fun story that kids will love. And since this is book 1 in a planned series, I can't wait to see what Egg and Chicken will be up to next!
Quill says: Who's First?: Chicken and Egg Book 1 is a very funny book that answers that age-old question, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"
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