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#BookPromotion on a Budget

Book Promotion on a Budget - Tips for a Beginner Writer

Writing and publishing your own book is such an exciting experience. However, many writers, amidst the excitement, fail to realize that they're responsible for promoting their own book - leaving it to the last minute.

Don't worry, it's not as hard as it looks. It takes a bit of persistence, but there are so many ways that you can promote your book, with little to no money at all.

Here are our top tips on promoting your book.

The internet saves the day
With social media and websites, the internet is single-handedly the greatest thing for promotion on a budget. Create a website that has all the selection of your work, an "about me" section and a contact page. 

Social media is an absolutely perfect way to promote your book...for free. Share your release date out, post teasers and start to build up a following. You could reach so many people. Don’t forget to utilize the “stories" options.

Making friends with other authors, publishers or, basically everybody else, is a traditional, faultless way to spread the word about anything.

Kindly ask anybody who may be interested/has influence over your target audience, if they would share the news about your book around. This kind of promotion really does work. Plus, you would do the same for another author, right?

Start in advance
We suggest starting the promotion at least 6 months before its release date. This includes all the networking, teasers, website building, social media marketing and everything else you could possibly think of.

If you build up the release date, gain people's interest and release snippets every now and then, your promotional efforts have a chance to really work.

Just don't leave it until the very last minute. Leave surprise releases to Beyoncé.
Remember, be super visible and active on social media. Not everything you post has to be related to your book, just remind people that you're still there.


Content marketing
Content marketing includes things like blogs, videos, and graphics. Before the release date of your book, start to post other things around the internet.

This could be via guest posting or on your own blog. Use SEO techniques and, depending on your budget, use paid adverts to bring you higher up on those search results.

"You want people to gain an interest in your work, your writing, and your book. Content marketing will do this." — Amanda Sparks, digital marketer and author of Top Down Writer.

Engage with your readers
After your book has been released, make sure to engage with those who have bought your book. Ask them to leave reviews, share the book on social media or even create a challenge.

“Starting a hashtag on Instagram is always a great idea, especially if your readers post the book with that hashtag, they'll be entered into a competition. Whichever way you decide to do it, having a relationship with your readers will also help future book sales,” says Hellen Lewis, social media marketer at Best Writers Canada. 

Collaborate with influencers
Find somebody who has quite a big following (with your specific target audience) and ask them to help you out in exchange for money or some other services. This is a proven way to really elevate book sales.

Influencer marketing is booming right now, and if you’ve ever contemplated the idea of working with one — the time is now. Influencers are getting more and more attention from the general public, and their market reach is growing by the day. 


Write your own press releases
You are a writer, why not write your own press release and send it to various news sites? Look for local news, regional, popular blogs, niche name it.

At the end of the day, your book (no matter how amazing it is) won't promote itself. By putting in a tiny bit of effort, a few social media posts and some samples you could have a successful promo campaign.

Mailing lists
There are free options and paid options, whichever you choose, just make sure you have one. Writers pretty much rely on mailing lists, especially for those last few weeks before the release date.

"Build up your emails through your websites, blogs, social media, and networking endeavors. Don't forget to add options to share anything in the email you send." — Sarah Allen, a marketing communication manager at

A budget doesn't matter when you have the motivation and passion. Having a large budget on book promotion isn’t mandatory. The internet provides us with a myriad of useful platforms that will make book promotion straightforward and inexpensive. 

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a contributor to TopWritersReview. She has a master's degree in English Literature, and she is truly passionate about learning foreign languages and teaching. Daniela works with the students helping them to reveal the writing talent and find one true calling.

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