Monday, September 9, 2019

#BookReview - Fake

Fake (A Lark Chadwick Mystery)

By: John DeDakis
Publisher: Strategic Media Books
Publication Date: August 2019
ISBN: 978-1939521767
Reviewed by: Gina Montanha
Review Date: September 7, 2019
The newest in the "Lark Chadwick" mystery series, Fake, takes off at lightning speed as First Lady Rose Gannon collapses right at the onset of this page-turning mystery. 
When the startling event that set off this book takes place, White House Correspondent Lark Chadwick is thrown right into the story. She was in the midst of writing the First Lady’s biography, while also covering official Presidential news, and she is thrust into the realm of “fake news” with the startling passing of the First Lady.
Lark’s tumultuous and tragic past challenge her every move, as she desperately tries to uncover truths among the tangled web of deceptive headlines that follow Rose’s heartbreaking death. Even her own words become twisted headlines, causing Lark to question her personal thoughts, intentions and relationships. From being assaulted by one of her biggest journalistic idols, to losing her Associated Press position, to developing her relationship with President Will Gannon, Lark embarks on a serious journey of faith, truth and justice.
Fake is a timely story of media deception and propaganda, raising questions and eyebrows about politics, journalism and integrity. In a world where news travels nearly at the speed of light, every word and action must be taken very seriously, especially when you are in the public spotlight. Lark’s media connections and quick thinking help her sort things out and deliver the real truth in the end.
Quill says:  Fake is engaging and stimulating, an excellent recommendation for mystery lovers.

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