Sunday, June 30, 2019

#BookReview - Tip and Tucker: Road Trip

Tip and Tucker: Road Trip

Written by: Ann Ingalls and Sue Lowell Gallion
Illustrated by: Andrew Ceolin
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: March 2019
ISBN: 978-1534110069
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: June 20, 2019 
Tip and Tucker are two little hamsters who live in a pet shop. Tucker is a fearless little guy who loves to explore while Tip is leery of new adventures. When they are purchased by a teacher for his classroom, Tucker is quite excited while Tip is afraid. Will their new adventure turn out well for the adorable hamsters? 
Two little hamsters, living in a pet shop, are going about their day when a new customer enters the store. The customer, Mr. Lopez, is a teacher who is looking for the perfect pets for his classroom. While bold little Tucker pops up to the top of his cage to see what's going on, fearful Tip dashes to his hamster igloo to hide. Mr. Lopez decides that the hamsters will make the perfect addition to his classroom and purchases them, along with a new cage and some food. When Mr. Lopez tells the store clerk that the hamsters' new home will be noisy but fun, all Tip hears is "noisy." Tucker, meanwhile, isn't worried about any noise in his new home, but instead focuses on the "fun." As Mr. Lopez carries the cage with the hamsters out of the pet shop and into his car, Tip again hides in his igloo while Tucker does his best to convince his friend that their new home will be wonderful. Will Tip get over his fear and finally have some fun?
Tip and Tucker: Road Trip is the first book in an emerging reader "I Am A Reader" series. Best suited for the K-1 audience, the language is simple and brief and the adorable drawings tell much of the story. The story doesn't progress very far - just up to the hamsters being placed in the classroom after the students have gone home for the day. Tip is nervous about the possible noise and activity that he may encounter the next day, but readers will have to move on to book 2 in the series, Tip and Tucker: Hide and Squeak to see how the little hamster settles into his new home. The story is a good jumping-off point to start a conversation with youngsters who may be afraid of school and the new adventures that await.
Quill says: A good story for emerging readers who may be apprehensive about attending school.

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