Tuesday, January 22, 2019

#BookReview - Pansy in Africa @pansythepoodle

Pansy in Africa: The Mystery of the Missing Lion Cub (Pansy the Poodle Mystery Series)

By: Cynthia Bardes
Illustrated by: Virginia Best
Publisher: Octobre Press
Publication Date: October 2018
ISBN: 978-0-692-98457-4
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: January 20, 2019
Pansy the adorable poodle is back at it, solving a mystery in a far-away land, this time in Africa!
As the story opens, Pansy and her best friend Avery have just arrived in Africa. They are super excited because they are going to go on a safari. They meet Gregory, their guide, who tells them that they will first go to their camp and then head out the next day for a grand safari. 
On the way to camp, they see a leopard taking a nap high up in a sausage tree and then they come upon three lions. Avery and Pansy quickly realize that the lions are crying. Gregory explains that the lions are sad because one of their cubs, Zuri, is missing. Pansy immediately jumps into detective mode and offers to help find Zuri.
The next morning, the group is joined by Hodari, a man from the Maasai tribe. Hodari will help lead the safari, show Avery and Pansy interesting animals, as well as join the search for Zuri. 
Hodari gives Pansy and Avery several clues that may help them find Zuri. He explains that the little cub loves gardenias and that the other cubs make fun of her because she has a crooked paw. Pansy has her clues and now she's ready to find Zuri - and have fun exploring the wilds of Africa.
Pansy in Africa keeps the momentum of this fun series going, offering a great adventure in a beautiful land, with a mystery that will keep young readers invested in the story so they can learn Zuri's fate. While searching for the lion cub, Pansy and Avery take the reader on a fun safari that offers page after page of vibrant colors and beautiful animals. Fun facts are inserted throughout, such as why flamingos are pink and what giraffes do with their tall necks. Pansy and Avery do manage to solve the mystery of the missing lion cub and teach readers a valuable lesson at the same time. As an added plus, the book is a bit oversized, with thick pages that make this a definite "keeper" for your child's bookshelf. The big question is, where will Pansy go next? Readers want to know!
Quill says: Another winner in the Pansy the Poodle Mystery Series that will keep kids engaged and have them asking when the next book in the series will arrive.
For more information on Pansy in Africa, please visit the series' website at: PansythePoodle.com

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