Friday, September 28, 2018

#AuthorInterview with Sal Atlantis Phoenix

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Amy Lignor is talking with Sal Atlantis Phoenix, author of Alzheimer My Love.
FQ: Your plays are varied and take on some truly tough subjects. Is there a particular reason or event that made you focus on the subject of Alzheimer’s?
PHOENIX: My wife had Alzheimer's disease.
FQ: You make the character of Joseph both loving and somewhat mean at the same time. One of the things some readers will love about him is that he voices his opinions in full-force to the doctor. Are any of these particular scenes based on real-life experiences? Or, perhaps, are they personal emotions and beliefs you would like others to think more about?
PHOENIX: Fiction is image of reality.
FQ: If you could only pick one, what would be the main lesson/subject you would like readers to take away from this play?
PHOENIX: Life's challenging journey.
FQ: What originally made you delve into playwriting? Can you tell readers the pros and cons of writing plays versus writing full-length fiction?
PHOENIX: A play is direct communication. Full-length fiction is detailed communication. The novel I wrote, Destiny of a War Veteran, is published.
FQ: What do you find most difficult when it comes to writing plays? Because of the length, is editing a bit tough, picking and choosing the exact scenes you wish to keep when all is said and done?
PHOENIX: Communicating with the audience.
FQ: Writer, composer, inventor, architect…your “resume” goes on. Is there one particular creative pursuit that stands above the rest for you?
PHOENIX: To be happy and enjoy life.
FQ: You state in your biography that despite all the bad, this is still a beautiful world. But if you could pick something to change – something you believe would bring more joy to the masses, what would that be?
PHOENIX: Social and economic equality.
FQ: What are you working on now? Is there a particular subject you would love to write about that you wish to tackle in the near future?
PHOENIX: I hope I will be motivated to write again.

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