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#BookReview - The Light of Reason @DavidLitwack

The Light of Reason: The Seekers (Book 3)

By: David Litwack
Publisher: Evolved Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 2016
ISBN: 978-1-62253-438-8
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: January 9, 2018

What began in the spectacular book, The Children of Darkness, and then continued in the equally-spectacular, The Stuff of Stars, now concludes with this, The Light of Reason. Let us just begin with the fact that this author has most definitely created a memorable ending for this great series that speaks to readers. In fact, this is one of those rare series that do the genres of Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, and even Religious Fiction, proud.

First, a quick recap: This journey stars childhood friends, Orah and Nathaniel—two kids who grew up in the very small village of Little Pond. Like most who are born in areas that are limited when it comes to things to do, Orah and Nathaniel always wanted to see the world and experience life outside the borders of their town.

Little Pond was not always considered a “nice area.” In fact, a thousand years ago the “Darkness” came upon the village; a world ruled by fear and violence commenced, where technology brought about evil. It was the vicars of the Temple of Light who introduced peace and kept it for centuries by utilizing what they called “temple magic.” When Thomas—Orah and Nathaniel’s pal—returned from the Temple after his teaching, he was a depressed, broken young man. And when Orah received her summons to go to said temple to receive her instruction, Nathaniel rushed to save her from becoming just as broken.

This journey went into the prisons of Temple City, and allowed readers to join Orah and Nathaniel’s escape as they kept one step ahead of lies and secrets in order to find the forbidden keep. Now, concluding their story, this couple has finally accomplished what they sought out to do...and so much more. They are now on a ship headed home in order to bring about a better, kinder life for the people of Little Pond. They have missed their family and friends terribly, and can’t wait to see their village once again. They are also no longer just friends: Orah and Nathaniel return to Little Pond as husband and wife.

The ship they travel aboard was designed by the dreamers, some of which have accompanied them home. The first glimpse of their past comes in the form of a bright light cutting through the fog; a light that blazes from the top of a wooden tower on the seashore that had never been there before. Nathaniel’s father is waiting for their arrival. But instead of being the vibrant man they once knew, he is now a weary soul who looks as if death is only a short distance away. The reason for this comes with a tale that includes the disappearance of a loved one, and a mighty, evil grand vicar (AKA: The Usurper) who has literally strived for power and has been crushing anyone and anything that gets in his way or attempts to usurp his reign.

Orah and Nathaniel planned for a fabulous homecoming, where their newly acquired wisdom, combined with a “special treasure” they have brought with them, would usher in a new age for Little Pond. Unfortunately, a horrific battle lay in front of them instead. The seekers are about to become leaders of an army that will have to fight evil in order to see the days of enlightenment begin.
In a nutshell: Start with Book 1 and immerse yourself in these incredible seekers, dreamers, keepmasters, and more. You will be completely pleased with this author’s incredible writing, the flow of the dialogue, and will ultimately fall in love with two young people who grew up to be incredible adults.

Quill says: Make room on your bookshelves because this is definitely a trilogy you will want to read again and again.

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