Thursday, November 23, 2017

#BookReview - Royally Wed

Royally Wed: The Royals Book 3

By: Teri Wilson
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
Publication Date: November 2017
ISBN: 978-1501160516
Reviewed by: Diana Buss
Review Date: November 24, 2017

Princess Amelia has always been the outsider in her Royal family. Nicknamed “Princess Naughty” from the time she was young, Amelia has had her fair share of wild stunts. Now it's time they come to an end. She is arranged to be married to Holden Beckett, a long-time admired family friend. Amelia has always loved him, especially since he is the father of her best friend Eleanor, but never as a love interest. While they have mutual respect for one another, Amelia dreads the day of the wedding, which is to be a grand and immaculate affair. Although Amelia knows she must do this in order to save her family's reputation, she can’t help but wish there was a way around it. When musician Yo Yo Ma is unable to perform at the wedding and American Asher Reed arrives, her world is turned upside down.

Asher Reed is a cellist who is gearing up for his first performance since he discovered his ex-fiance and maestro have been an item. He has removed himself from the public eye and hasn't performed in quite some time, at least until his talent is requested for the royal wedding. As his first large performance after time away, Asher is struggling to prove that he is ok after his breakup and that his talent is still there. He is nervous about his career and understands how important it is that he proves himself. All goes well until he meets Amelia, there is something about her sadness and spark for life that he is drawn to, although she's engaged to be married to someone else. He finds himself falling for her, but he's not the only one who realizes something special is going on between them. The more he falls for her, the more he and Amelia wish they could stop the wedding, and when a strange twist of events occurs, they may have found a way.

Royally Wed is a sweet and relaxing read. The characters are relatable and the love story is told in a way that is not overly cliche but still very cute. It's easy to put yourself both in Amelia and Asher’s shoes and consider what you would do in the same situation. Just as I have said with Wilson's other books in this series, they just keep getting better and better and always leave you wanting more. I look forward to yet another book in this series, which I can only hope is in the making.

Quill says: This is the perfect book to cozy up with on the couch. Royally Wed is a light, easy read that will warm your heart and leave you rooting for Amelia and Asher.

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