Monday, April 24, 2017

#BookReview - The Lost Mermaid

The Lost Mermaid (A Tale of Three Kingdoms - Volume 2)

By: Michelle Paula Snyder
Publisher: White Knight Studio
Publication Date: September 2014
ISBN: 978-1482672152
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: April 20, 2017

The three major kingdoms of The Lost Mermaid were ruled by three different beings including fairies, unicorns, and mermaids who each had their own unique talents. The fairies were impressive with their use of magic, the unicorns possessed a strong army, and the mermaids were efficient in navigating the waters for trade. Knowing that unification between their kingdoms would be best for all, a royal wedding has been planned between the Fairy Prince Andreas and the Mermaid Princess Presinne. Even though Presinne has known Prince Andreas since they were children and she has grown to respect and love him, there were still apprehensions about the larger responsibility on their shoulders. Add in the fact that Presinne will now have to live away from the openness of the ocean in the fairy kingdom and she is worried...just a bit.

However, there is little time for worry as an array of important guests descends upon the mermaid kingdom in anticipation of the upcoming wedding. Although there is one person in the kingdom who is not quite as excited about Presinne’s upcoming marriage...Camellia, who just happens to be the youngest daughter of the mermaid king and queen. For young Camellia, her oldest sister Presinne was the soul person she could connect with as her sister would always make time to listen to Camellia’s stories and look at her drawings. With her sister moving to the fairy kingdom, who would take Presinne’s place as Camellia’s confidante and friend?

With exciting preparations going on in the mermaid kingdom there is an evil plan commencing in other parts of the city. Not everyone is quite as happy about the upcoming marriage of a fairy and mermaid and they will do what they can to sabotage this event. Giving orders to set their plan in motion, an evil witch and devious wizard hide back in the shadows waiting for the opportune time to turn these kingdoms against each other and throw them into turmoil.

When I read the summary for this book and series it brought to mind the prototypical fantasy fairy tale that every little girl dreams of reading and author Michelle Paula Snyder definitely delivers on that. This book has every element that is needed to create a fun fantasy adventure including the amazing fairies, mermaids, and unicorns that make the three kingdoms. Then in addition, there is the added element of danger that keeps the reader hooked until the very last page to see how this adventure ends. The only critique I had for this book is that it is written from several different perspectives and at times I had to go back and remind myself who was talking and where we were in the story, but overall the story was wonderfully entertaining.

Quill says: A wonderful story of fantasy and adventure that young (and young at heart) readers will love!

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