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#BookReview - Tabitha Fink Ninja at Night @tabitha-fink

Tabitha Fink Ninja at Night

By: Rick Felty
Publisher: Dreamschooner Press
Publication Date: January 2017
ISBN: 978-0989912846
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: February 2017

Tabitha Fink, the amazing cat with one eye, is treating readers to another story where they will learn and laugh - at the same time. In her latest adventure, she doesn't travel to faraway places as she did in her last book, but rather, helps a playful mouse overcome his fear of the dark.

As the story opens, Tabitha Fink is outside her house, introducing readers to herself and her home. She then introduces her good friend, Bartholomew Blink - a mouse with a great big smile. Tabitha and Bartholomew are "besties" who love to play hide and seek all day long. They play inside the house, around the kitchen table, and everywhere there's a good hiding place, until they get tired. Then it's nap time! A little rest, and then it's time to play again - all day long. Until...the daylight slips away.

As the sun fades, Bartholomew Blink confides to his friend:

"I get kind of scared,"
he admits with a fright.
"Things just aren't the same
when the day turns to night."

Bartholomew Blink then tells Tabitha Fink about all the scary things that come out at night. The little mouse is convinced there's a big, furry monster in the closet, a witch under the bed...and...and...oh, don't even ask him what's at the bottom of the stairs!

Tabitha Fink listens carefully to her friend and thankfully, this is one smart cat! She tells Bartholomew:

"You imagine the worst
and you're certain it's true.
I've been there myself.
I felt just like you."

Tabitha Fink's solution of turning into a "Ninja at Night" and what she does as a ninja, will undoubtedly delight children. Her actions as a ninja are funny and author Felty is to be credited for coming up with such a clever and unique solution to Bartholomew's problem.

Tabitha Fink Ninja at Night is the third book in the "Tabitha Fink" series, and like the others (Tabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye and Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars), it is an adorable tale about a wonderful, incredibly up-beat cat that young readers will love. This newest book tackles a common fear youngsters often deal with - fear of the dark - and does it with such humor and cheer that little ones will want the book read to them over and over. In short, this is the perfect book not just to help children overcome their fear of the dark, but simply a fun bedtime story for all children.

Quill says: The "Tabitha Fink" series just keeps getting better and better - if you haven't discovered this adorable cat yet, you need to check her out! Your children will definitely love her and her exploits!

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