Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#BookReview - The Last Treasure @erikamarksauthr

The Last Treasure

By: Erika Marks
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Publication Date: August 2016
ISBN: 9781101990841
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: September 8, 2016

Erika Marks delves into the lost history of the Patriot, a vessel lost at sea in the early 1800’s and delivers page-turning adventure in her latest novel The Last Treasure.

It’s been nine years since Liv and Sam parted ways. There was a time when it seemed destiny would place Sam and Liv in happily ever after. The third member to their trio, Whit, was the ‘bad boy.’ He was the one who was unpredictable—borderline undependable. Yet, Liv ended up with Whit. They had a salvage business and her childhood obsession toward uncovering the real story behind the demise of Theodosia Burr was a mystery Liv was certain she would uncover someday.

Coming out of yet another treasure seeking mission gone wrong, Liv and Whit are reunited with Sam for one last mission. Old feelings surface and Liv is once again at her crossroads; questioning whether the one she let get away (Sam) was the one true love she never should have let go. When the crew learns they have the chance to perhaps uncover the mystery of the Patriot and Theodosia Burr, the temptation is too great to walk away. The team finds themselves deposited back on the coast of the Outer Banks to search for the long lost vessel. Tempers flare, romance ignites once more and for the first time in his life, Whit needs to demonstrate to Liv that she did make the right choice in leaving Sam behind so long ago. Time and challenges will be the indicator as to whether happily ever after will surface along with whether the mystery of Theodosia will be solved once and for all.

Erika Marks has a knack for setting the tone and pace instantaneously in this latest body of work. The nuance of ‘things aren’t quite perfect’ is established within the first handful of pages. Marks accomplishes mystery and intrigue at the onset and plays on the mystery of 'what if.' She consistently delivers rich prose and crisp dialogue for the reader to engage and participate in the story. Marks complements the dialogue with precise timing and placement of descriptive scenery that manages to enhance the thrill and suspense of diving into the deep to uncover the long-buried treasures of the past. There is a distinct voice throughout this novel that is easily detected and turning each page is far from being a chore. Well done Ms. Marks. I look forward to your next body of work.

Quill says: The Last Treasure is a well-thought-out and enjoyable read.

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