Sunday, August 14, 2016

#BookReview - Write to Die

Write to Die

By: Charles Rosenberg
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer, Seattle
Publication Date: July 2016
ISBN: 9781503937611
Reviewed by: Diane Lunsford
Review Date: August 15, 2016

Charles Rosenberg captivates his audience in an adventurous Hollywood who-done-it in his latest legal thriller: Write to Die.

Extorted is destined to be the latest Hollywood hit. That is to say until the spaghetti ball of controversy around who exactly wrote the screenplay came into question. Was it the once iconic movie star, Mary Broom (or her former lover Alex Toltec), who wrote the smash hit? Maybe it was a combination of both or maybe not. Attorney Rory Calburton from the prestigious law firm The Harold Firm is assigned to the case and intends to set the record straight. His mission is to take down washed up Mary Broom and her false claims against his studio client, The Sun/The Moon/The Stars.

Meanwhile, there’s other trouble brewing for The Harold Firm. It would seem The Sun/The Moon/The Stars lead counsel, Joe Stanton, has turned up dead and all fingers point to the man at the top of The Harold Firm, Hal Harold. One of The Harold Firm’s newest partners, Rory, has more to prove than his ability as an attorney. The firm has increased its staff and recently hired new associate Sarah Gold. Her credentials are more than impressive and the decision to pair Sarah and Rory together is one the higher-ups believe to be a winning formula. What Rory soon learns is his adept co-worker has a propensity to not only distort the truth, but take matters into her own hands when the mood strikes. Oh and as for informing Rory, well, that’s (in her opinion) on a need to know basis.

Charles Rosenberg clearly knows his way around an investigation and does a superb job of delivering his knowledge through vibrant scenes that set up his court room actions. The characters are richly developed and quite credible in that they speak in everyday language (versus legalese ad nauseum). The pace of this story is terrific with a flawless transition from one page to the next. There is an anecdotal tempo to the tone of voice that lends ample opportunity for many chuckles throughout. As I’ve often said when reading a murder mystery, it is vitally important for the author to deliver the body and deliver it soon. Rosenberg can check this box proudly as he hooks his audience within the first handful of pages with the proverbial dead body. Bravo Mr. Rosenberg. This is a great and thrilling ride of a read and I look forward to the next adventure.

Quill Says: Hollywood scandal and intrigue behind the curtain of murder is the winning formula in this fast-paced, entertaining read.

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