Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Review - The Battle for Oz

The Battle for Oz

By: Jeyna Grace
Illustrated By: David Drummond
Publisher: Inkshares Inc.
Publication Date: September 2015
ISBN: 9781941758311
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: June 29, 2016

When Dorothy first traveled to the Land of Oz by being swept up into a tornado she did not realize that she would rid the land of an evil tyrant and defeat the Wicked Witch of the West. She returned home to Kansas with her loyal dog Toto thinking that the world of Oz would always be a distant memory and that she may never return. However, fate had another plan for her when a power hungry queen from another land took over Oz and vowed to kill anyone who tried to use magic to rise up against her. The people of Oz know there is only one person who can save them because she has saved them before; they needed to bring back Dorothy.

When Dorothy returns to Oz with Toto after being summoned by her good friend the Scarecrow, she is sad to see that the world she knew has been turned into a land of fear and turmoil because of this terrible queen. The last time she was in Oz she was just a girl, but now being older Dorothy knows that she is facing a far greater challenge. Dorothy will need help if she is going to defeat this evil queen. She learns that this queen was once defeated in another land by a young girl named Alice, so instantly Dorothy knows that this is who she needs help from.

This girl named Alice is also from Earth and has traveled to another mysterious world just as Dorothy had - except Alice traveled through a rabbit hole to a world called Wonderland. After Dorothy tracks Alice down there is no doubt after hearing the description of this evil queen that she is none other than the Queen of Hearts that Alice battled in the world of Wonderland. Knowing that she needs to try and defeat this queen once and for all, Alice agrees to go to Oz with Dorothy and together find a way to end her terrible reign.

When I first read the description on the back of this book I admit that it did not occur to me that two such imaginative stories were being combined into one. The famous tale of Dorothy in Oz, and the equally thrilling tale of Alice in Wonderland are combined in this exciting adventure that continues the ongoing battle of good vs. evil. This book reminded me of the ultimate fan fantasy as it takes two unforgettable characters that have two equally intriguing stories and mashes them together to make an even grander adventure. Any reader who enjoys either of these famous tales will be greatly pleased by this story as I definitely was. Through this writing my imagination was given the freedom to soar as far as it wanted to and I love when that is able to happen.

Quill says: A fascinating book that lets the reader’s imagination soar to new heights.

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