Tuesday, June 14, 2016

5 Great Books To Read This Summer

5 Great Books to Read This Summer
By: Cassie Phillips 

Summertime means adventure, exploration and mysteries to uncover. Regular book recommendations simply will not do! From introspective realities to alternative universes, this summer reading list was made to get you going on big time summer fun. 

The World’s Largest Man, Harrison Scott Key 

For fans of the memoir, Key’s The World’s Largest Man is a delightful descent into one man’s relationship with his family, his home and his quirkiness that will have you giggling, crying and everything in-between. A tale of the trials and triumphs of coming of age under the direction and tutelage of “a man’s man” in the Deep South, our author describes all the painful and brilliant life-affirming moments that shaped who he is today. Not only that, but he does so with such hilarity that it’s hard not to sympathize and relate with his plight. Twain lovers, this is going to be your new favorite read.

Think of Me And I’ll Know, Anthony Varallo 

A series of shorts for those with limited time (or limited attention spans), Anthony Varallo’s way with words gets straight to the point in Think of Me And I’ll Know, delivering heartwarming stories that illustrate how easy it is to arrive at wisdom too late. Packed with laughs and humorous situations that will undoubtedly make you think of your own mishaps, Think of Me And I’ll Know brings spontaneity to the everyday in ways that are both familiar and enlightened.

The Round House, Louise Erdrich 

Multicultural authors don’t have to come from outside of the US to be revelatory, and for Erdrich’s stories, there’s nothing more enriching than The Round House, a tale of love, loss and mystery on a Native American reservation. Readers follow Joe, a thirteen-year-old boy tackling events far beyond his years, as he tries to uncover the secrets of his tribe. Erdrich’s masterful writing and poetic style will leave readers speechless with the tale and a lifelong fan of his work.

Olivia & The Fairy Princesses, Ian Falconer 

Olivia & The Fairy Princesses is the latest installment of Ian Falconer’s devilishly wonderful series about a headstrong little pig and her daring adventures. In Olivia and The Fairy Princesses, our piggy heroine discovers that all the little girls her age are dying to be fairy princesses instead of something out of the ordinary. For an extraordinary pig, these options are quite limiting. Delightful for all ages and containing incredible illustrations, Olivia and The Fairy Princesses is the kind of book that sticks with the kids because it teaches them that they can think outside the box.

19Q4, Haruki Murakami 

Murakami’s ode to Orwell’s 1984 is a massive undertaking for the author and his readers alike. The series spans three volumes and over 900 pages, making this a sprawling saga. Yet it’s not too long for the story of two lost lovers searching for each other in a strange world that switches between alternate realities on the fly. It’s certainly the one text you should take on a long vacation to the Bahamas. Science fiction, love and the mysterious all entangle in 19Q4 to give Murakami’s fans an epic of massive proportions. This is one that will leave you grasping for the next page, even after you’ve reached the last. Whether you’re a fan of long novels or picture books, this list will get you through the summer with equal parts literary cred and laughs, so dive headfirst into these picks for the perfect holiday escape.

Author Bio: Cassie Phillips is a digital nomad who spends much of her time reading through library stacks. She also writes about tech for Secure Thoughts and books and entertainment for Culture Coverage. She loves to share her favorite books with others and hopes that you find some you love from the choices above.

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