Sunday, June 21, 2015

Book Review - Fabulous Me, Piper Lee And The Peanut Butter Itch

Fabulous Me, Piper Lee And The Peanut Butter Itch

By: Tolya L. Thompson
Illustrated by: Terence Gaylor
Publisher: Savor Publishing House
Publication Date: May 2015
ISBN: 978-0970829672
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: June 21, 2015

Like almost all youngsters, Piper Lee LOVES peanut butter. Yum, yum! Piper Lee knows she can’t eat peanuts, but perhaps just a small taste of that creamy peanut butter on the counter is okay...She’s about to learn just how dangerous any peanut product is to her young body.

Piper Lee is in the kitchen when she spots a jar of peanut butter. She knows she can’t eat peanuts, but surly a creamy, buttery mix would be safe to eat. Piper Lee takes just a tiny taste and double-yum! What a great taste – and surprise – she feels fine.

“Friends, look at me. I am OKAAAY!
Yay! Peanut Butter every day!”

Unfortunately, Piper Lee spoke too soon. It isn’t long before she gets an itch, her lip feels fat and then she starts to wheeze. Time for mom to rush into action! Fabulous Me, Piper Lee And The Peanut Butter Itch is a super fun way to teach children about peanut allergies. Told primarily in rhyme that works perfectly, the story teaches without getting scary:

“Hey friends, my lip is feeling really fat.
What do you think is up with that?
My nose itches. I have to sneeze.
And when I breathe I hear a wheeze.”

Illustrations that accompany the text are bright, cheerful and fun. This book should be in the home of every family that has a youngster with a peanut allergy as well as in every pediatrician’s office. To top it off, any author who can use ‘epinephrine’ successfully in a rhyming book deserves 5-stars on that fact alone! What a great book to teach youngsters about the dangers of peanut allergies.

Quill says: Kudos to author Talya Thompson and illustrator Terence Gaylor. Together you’ve created a wonderful book about peanut allergies that all little readers will love.

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