Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Book Review - Keepers of the Runes and the Tower of Shadows

Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows (Volume 1)

By: Andrew D. Cratsley
Illustrated By: Tony Foti
Publisher: Andrew D. Cratsley
Publication Date: May 2014
ISBN: 978-1494365530
Reviewed By: Kristi Benedict
Review Date: September 11, 2014

After years of training, a young elf named Corinth is finally deemed worthy to be a sage knight by his teacher Tessius and is eager to serve his country of Enzlintine well. However, his first assignment sends him way beyond the forest that he knows and on top of everything else he realizes he will have to work with beings other than elves. For years he had been under the impression that elves were superior to every other race, especially humans who seemed to corrupt anything good with their greedy ways. Feeling discouraged at the prospect of working with humans, Corinth tries to convince Tessius that he can handle any assignment better if he is able to work alone. In the end, however, it is shown that Corinth will not have any choice in the matter. His own opinions will be tested as through the upcoming struggles he realizes that there are times where elves are not the superior beings.

Soon Corinth finds himself in the company of two humans; Aventis who has expansive knowledge of tracking and hunting, and Nadine who claims that she can infiltrate any place in any town. Of course Corinth does not think much of his human partners initially and insists that he would do just fine without either of their help. This causes numerous arguments between these three traveling companions but soon it is proven that they actually need each other more than ever as none will survive if they do not learn to trust one another. For the evil that they will have to face is more powerful than any of them imagined and without someone there to stop it, will sweep across every land leaving only death behind.

As soon as I read that this was a fantasy book I immediately wanted to start reading, as this genre is one I truly love. This book did not disappoint at all as from the very first page I was consumed by the amazing elements and characters that come from a great fantasy story. Author Andrew D. Cratsley took a little different approach to the relationship between elves and humans as he was able to show that growth in the character Corinth throughout the story as the adventures these characters go through bring about a definite respect and friendship. In addition to action, adventure, and suspense, I love when a book also brings to light the relationships that are growing and developing in the midst of the story. For me that is what relates a reader to the words they are reading and takes them to another place. This book did exactly that as I found myself worrying when a character was injured, or fighting when this group met an enemy and that made for a fantastic read.

Quill says: A book that brings together all of the amazing elements of a great fantasy adventure!

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