Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review - Amy's Choice

Amy's Choice

By: Marcia Strykowski
Publisher: Luminis Books
Publication Date: October 2014
ISBN: 978-1-935462-08-8
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: August 6, 2014

For those readers who met this amazing cast of characters in Call Me Amy, you will be thrilled with this follow-up. For those readers who have not yet met the cast, enjoyed this amazing locale, and enjoyed writing that was both intelligent and fun, then you have until October to read the first, so that you can dive head-first into the second.

Amy Henderson lives in a small fishing village in Maine. She was one of those quiet types, choosing to read books instead of making it her life's work to become one of the popular girls. Her life was changed by a wounded seal pup a year ago. The seal gave her the confidence she had been missing in life, along with the love and friendship of a little old lady named Miss Cogshell.

Now, Amy is ready to begin her freshman year. 'Pup' is back in his ocean home, but does make sure to pay Amy visits. Miss Cogshell has passed away, and Amy is working to help turn the lady's home into the first Port Wells library that one and all can enjoy. Her friend who helped her last year, Craig, is more than a crush nowadays. In fact, Amy seems to be liking him a great deal and is completely depressed when he has to go away to live with his aunt in Boston for a time...and his letters (that he promised to send) never appear.

There are upsides for Amy, however. She meets a very cool friend who is new to the village named Cat. Cat is one of those fun-seekers who is very kind and is a great BFF for Amy. Think about it: Not having to sit alone on the school bus for the first day of high school is completely awesome. It also doesn't hurt that Cat has a super good-looking brother named Ricky. Ricky is also developing a crush on Amy, but her mind is torn. After all, she loves Craig...doesn't she?

Although Miss Cogshell is no longer on the island, a lighthouse keeper named Finn is a new recruit in Amy's circle of friends. This is a funny loner who comes from the lighthouse to paint pictures, and Amy and Cat befriend him. But, of course, nothing is going to stay all sunshine and roses.
High school is not the only thing Amy must deal with; a fire breaks out and Finn is accused of arson. Not to mention, Craig does return after Amy has developed a few feelings for Ricky, causing her to get trapped at a school dance having to make a decision as to what door to walk through when it comes to love.

This author is one of those rare gems who not only loves to write, but the library is a part of her life, and the reader can most certainly tell. The characters of Amy, Finn, Cat, Ricky and so on, are believable and unforgettable, which makes this a true 'Coming of Age' story, but with entertainment, fun, friendship, and even a mystery that must be solved.

Quill says: Another great job for 'Amy'!

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