Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Review - The Second Coming: A Love Story

The Second Coming: A Love Story 

By: Scott Pinsker
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: June 2014
ISBN: 978-1-5001-6721-9
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: July 29, 2014

Armageddon is here. People are being looked at by both ‘sides’ – as demons and angels take in the behavior, prejudice, bias, and the complete flaws of the humans around them.
In the beginning of this tale, readers meet up with an odd duo of the Archangel Gabriel and Archdemon Abaddon. Standing in the sunrise looking around at humanity, Gabriel is, as always, the intelligent one who attempts to defend, whereas Abaddon speaks of the fact that atheism still astounds him. It is a wonder, a disbelief to him that people should go about their working days, make advances in science, medicine and more, yet do not have the brainpower to figure out there is a God.

As the universal good guys versus bad guys scenario commences, readers are introduced to David Shepherd. He is a voice, a loud voice that makes sure to speak out about the issues. He loves the debate, and his boyfriend, Michael Waters, stands in the shadow of David’s voice – a man who feels uncomfortable with pain, hurt, and definitely confrontation. David gets into a debate with a minister on the corner who’s preaching and attempting to make people stop and listen – make them take the time to realize that they need Jesus in their lives. David disagrees, in his own way. However...the minister he battles is nothing but a man, and he is about to meet up with a powerful charmer who invites he and Michael to a church service. This stranger seems to be far more than just a man and welcomes David and Michael to the revolution.
From this point on, characters arise from the pages that cover all walks of life. A woman who believes in justice and worked hard to become a lawyer who actually defends those who would have been eaten alive by judge and jury simply because of bigotry; but she also is living with the fact that she has defended guilty parties along the way. A stranger appears to her, as well. Walking into the bar where she sits, he speaks words that make her give up her career on the spot, choosing to follow this man named ‘Joe.’
People become followers of a church like others that cropped up in the 20th century; an organization where a congregation of people grow larger by the day, following a leader who is more interested in the cash he can get than the actual saving of souls.

The plot is a simple one; appearances can deceive and people are different. Different backgrounds, different beliefs – some have gone through such hard times that they need support, they need someone to listen to, even if that person is a fake. And there are those who believe whole-heartedly, yet wear blinders to the negative things happening in the world. Two strangers enter these peoples’ lives. One of these men is actually the savior they’ve been waiting for; but the other is saying he is the one, and offers the same saving grace. So, which one is true and who do you follow? The point is...if two people are preaching goodness, and both accusing the other of being evil, how do you know which is which?

This book has some true nuggets of gold inside its pages. Among the frequent sarcasm and pessimism, which is warranted, the reader can find brilliance if they set aside the diatribes, and overlook the cover. Each ‘messiah’ in the novel truly pertains to something political. One messiah attracts the left-wing whereas the other attracts the grassroots followers. Therefore, religion and politics are brought together in a unique way.

Quill says: In the end, this is one book that is exactly like its own plot – you will either love it, or hate it; but either way, you should hear it. 

For more information on The Second Coming: A Love Story, please visit the book's website at: www.secondcomingishere.com

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