Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review - When I Grow Up I Want to the US Navy

When I Grow Up I Want to the U.S. Navy: Noah Tours an Aircraft Carrier! 

By: Wigu Publishing
Publisher: Wigu Publishing
Publishing Date: April 2014
ISBN: 978-1-939973-02-3
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: May 9, 2014

It is no surprise that this particular children’s series has become one of the most highly-acclaimed. With each new story told, real pictures, real facts, as well as a fantastically written tale about a young person who has a dream and wants to achieve it; all these combine to produce the perfect educational package. Each one of these facets come together to provide the child (and the eager adult who misses the true children’s book that teaches and gives enjoyment at the same time), a ‘must-have’ for their home library.

In this newest offering, Noah is a young man who is more than excited when a Navy aircraft carrier comes into port in his town and his Grandpa Ed promises to take him on a tour of it. Noah has lived his young life listening to the amazing tales of Grandpa Ed and his time in the U.S. Navy (with some of the tales being true - ‘wink, wink’ - according to Grandma Marilyn). Grandpa went on and on about aircraft carriers and fighter planes, and Noah is practically jumping with glee that he will be able to see with his own eyes the things that Grandpa has been talking about.

Little sister, Marina, wants to go too. She copies everything her big brother says, and he gets more than a little annoyed. But women certainly serve in the Navy, says Grandpa Ed, so Marina can definitely tag along.
From the hangars to the nuclear reactors; from the deckhands to the pilots to the mechanics - these kids see it all. Although there is a bit of squabbling along the way, the tour is amazing and, in fact, teaches the siblings that perhaps a partnership could be had one day in the naval realm.

The addition of the real-life pictures and descriptions of what really happens on a Naval aircraft carrier, and the pride and honor the U.S. Navy brings to America, is captivating. And ‘The Sailor’s Creed,’ representing the fighting spirit of the Navy and the commitment to excellence they hold dear, is also a true inspiration!

Quill says: Wigu is definitely keeping up with their high standards of teaching kids to dream and dream big!

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