Saturday, February 1, 2014

And The Winners Are...

Congratulations to the winners of our first annual awards program.  We had a HUGE response and our judges worked very, very hard to select the winners.  There were many top books, but we could only choose three per category.  Thanks to all the authors/publishers/publicists who nominated books.  And now, the Winners of the 2014 Feathered Quill Book Awards are:


- Best Children's Illustrated
1. Summer Saltz by Connie Sewell
The Christmas Tree Elf by Valentine D’Arcy Sheldon 
3. Murphy and the Magical Hat by Kate David

- Best Juvenile/Young Adult Non-Fiction
1. The Depth of Grace by J. Bronson Haley
2. Tails of Sweetbrier by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 

3. Life with Anna by Jane Kelly

- Best Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction, Graphic/Anime
1. The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich 
2. 84 Ribbons by Paddy Eger
3. Fall Down Seven by Chuck Edmonson

Best Adult Fiction (General)
1. The Magdalene Mystery by Christine Sunderland 
2. Vampire Defense by James Bell
3. The Rockin
Chair by Steven Manchester

- Best Romance
1. Acadian Waltz by Alexandrea Weis 
2. Sand Dollar by Sebastian Cole
3. The Palomar Parodox by Richard Rydon

Best Mystery/Thriller
1. Natalie’s Revenge by Susan Fleet
2. Too Much Blood by Jane Bennett Munro 
3. A Wicked Thing by Michael Kasenow

Best Cozy Mystery
1. Shadows: A Jake Sommers Novel by Don Castel
2. Saving Faith by Patrick Garry
3. Off the Hook by James Twerell

Best Non-Fiction Personal (Self-Help, Memoir, Inspirational)
1. Comets Tale by Steven Wolf
2. Up and In by Steve Kubicek
3. Dogs of Proud Spirit by Melanie Sue Bowles

Best Non-Fiction Informational (Business, History, Parenting)
1. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron
2. COMPASS: Creating Exceptional Organizations by William F. Brandt, Jr.
3. The Impending Monetary Revolution by Edmund Contoski

Best Short Story
1. So Too My Love by Harvey Goodman 
2. Reflections of Life by Jon Nelson
3. Remnant by Roland 

- Best Historical (both historical fiction and non-fiction)
1. The Warsaw Conspiracy by James Conroyd Martin 
2. Visibly Struck by Steve Kubicek
3. Law of the Desert Born by Beau L’Amour

Best Humor
1. The Seraph Contingency: Anael’s Tale by Jennifer Fales
2. Jesse James and the Secret Legend of Captian Coytus by Alex Mueck
3. The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan by Barry Hemmerle

Best Animal - Children's and YA
1. The Gentle Beagle by Karen Roberts
2. The Little Blue Dog Goes to School by Karen Roberts 

3. The Story of Moses by Jennifer Talbot Ross

Best Animal - Adult (both fiction and non-fiction)
1. Comet’s Tale by Steven Wolf
2. The Belair Stud by Kimberly Gatto
3. The Dogs of Proud Spirit by Melanie Sue Bowles 

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