Thursday, February 28, 2013

Using YouTube to Market Yourself

Using YouTube to market yourself isn't as difficult as many may think. The power of video can work well for online resumes, portfolios of work, and much more. There are a few people out there who think that in order for a YouTube channel to be successful, you need to have high-end video and editing equipment. In actuality, that is farther from the truth. It doesn't take much in order to create a great video to promote your skills or even your business.

1. The Account - YouTube is linked to your Google account, if you have one. As Google acquired YouTube some time ago, all of your YouTube and Google activity are joined. This can be greatly beneficial for professional reasons as you can easily create a cross-promotional campaign.

When you create an account on YouTube, you will need to create a Google username first. This username is going to be used to link all of your Google tools including webmaster tools such as Analytics. This step can be skipped if you already have a Google username. Follow the registration steps to complete your YouTube channel.

2. Your Channel - Once you have created your account, it is time to set up your channel. On the top right, there will be a small down-arrow next to your name. If you click on it and then click on "My Channel" you will be taken to it where you are able to modify the settings in order to make it stand out. You can add background images, change colors, create a channel name, add a description, and even modify how viewers perceive your channel if they visit.

3. Videos - Now comes the time to create your own promotional videos. This can be accomplished by a number of ways. You don't need to be interested in video production in order to create a nice video to show off your talents.
(i) High-end Video Equipment - Although this isn't necessary, having high-end video equipment such as cameras and lighting will allow you to make extravagant videos.
(ii) Webcam - The webcam approach is very popular on YouTube for you don't need to spend a great deal of money to create videos for all to see. Many famous YouTubers started out with simple webcams and then moved up to full production equipment.
(iii) CamStudio - If you don't wish to be see or want to show images on your video to promote graphic designs, sites, or images of anything else, using CamStudio to record your videos is a free and easy to use tool. It records your computer desktop instead of through your camera.
(iv) Microphone - There are many YouTube channels that simply add music to their videos. A microphone of some kind is needed if you are describing the video, but it's not absolutely necessary.
(v) Editing - For those who have Windows Vista or later, Windows Live Movie Maker is an easy to use and free editing tool to help shape your video.

4. Uploading - The smaller the size of the video, the easier it is to upload. For those who have broadband, a 10-minute HD video could take anywhere from 40 minutes to over an hour. You don't need long videos in order to get your message across, however. This is also dependent on how your recording equipment and software are set up.

5. Track and Monetized - If your content is original without infringing on copyright laws, you can monetize it to make advertising revenue from Google. YouTube also has a great amount of tools that can help you track which videos have the greatest impact to your visitors. This can help you develop future videos tailored to your audience.

The YouTube website has provided a way for everyone to share originality and a venue to become creative. In order to promote yourself as a professional, video adds a more personal touch as those who are interested can see and hear you describe what it is your trying to communicate. Since YouTube is free to use for everyone, why not take the time and see for yourself the impact your own videos can make. You may become addicted to it and create more for your purposes.

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