Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review - What Does a Hammer Do?

What Does a Hammer Do? (First Step Nonfiction: Tools at Work)

By: Robin Nelson
Publisher: Lerner Publications
Publication Date: August 2012
ISBN: 978-0761389767
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: October 2012

If you look at the picture of the head of a hammer it might be hard to guess what it is. When you see one of the whole hammer, most kids know what it is. If you take a look at the tool belt you probably will know that "tools help us do jobs." The pliers, screwdriver, and hammer all "make jobs easier." The pictures show the hammer's handle and tell you to "hold on tight" to it. You will also see the head of it and will learn that it "pounds nails into wood." If you've ever used one you know that it keeps things from falling apart.

If you bend a nail, how do you take it out? You can see that the hammer has a claw and that "pulls nails out of wood." Carpenters and builders use them when they work to make and build things. Can you think of anything that you have seen someone use a hammer for? You can see someone working on the railing of their tree house using one. There's also another boy who is smiling as he works on a project. He is wearing safety glasses to protect his eyes.

This book is a good way for children to learn about the hammer and how it is used. The photographs are very clear and not only show how the hammer is used, but also names its parts. This beginning nonfiction book is one in the series "Tools at Work" which discuss the hammer, level, saw, screwdriver, wrench, and pliers. I do like the stress on safety measures as many kids enjoy using and learning about tools. In the back of the book is an index, a glossary, a "Safety First" section, and one that discusses levers and fulcrums. There are additional complimentary downloadable resources on the publisher’s website.

Quill says: If you want an excellent series about tools for your classroom or library shelves, "Tools at Work" would be an excellent choice!

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