Monday, August 6, 2012

Books In For Review

Here's a sample of the books that have come in for review recently.  Check them out and then stop by soon to read the reviews.  Enjoy!

Fall From Grace: The Scribing of Ishitar (Volume 1) by Carrie F. Shepherd Ishitar, born of both the Heavens and Hells, is tasked with bridging the ever growing rift between them. To do so, he must first become a master at the game of kings' castles. Fall From Grace delivers the most important rule of the game: The face across the kings' board may not be the only player. . . Malicious intent is the best friend of your enemy. Excerpt from the book: He sat beside her open grave, staring at the palms of his hands. They were dirty from his task and crusted with blood from the rocks within the earth which had scraped them. Though he knew it was past time for him return to face his punishment, he couldn't bear the thought of leaving her on this uninhabited world. "As alone dead as you had ever been during your life." After he dug into the clay and stone of the ground, he gently wrapped her in his clothes, laid her body into the soil and covered her with the earth. He then allowed himself to weep before casting himself out to find a grave marker. After her epitaph was chiseled into the stone by his sword, he sought a weed which bore a small white flower upon it that would grow over her to tell all creatures of any world where she lay. Naked but for his small clothes, he rolled his eyes closed and then opened them so he could look up to the sky. Another night at his Lady's side, he decided. And who, honestly, would miss him?

Fear Itself by Andrew Rosenheim Set in the tense and uncertain years before the Second World War, when America was still largely conflicted about entering the war on either side, Andrew Rosenheim’s thriller Fear Itself offers a rich depiction of history as it was—and as it might have been. Jimmy Nessheim, a young Special Agent in the fledgling FBI, is assigned to infiltrate a new German–American organization known as the Bund. Ardently pro-Nazi, the Bund is conspiring to sabotage American efforts against Adolf Hitler. But as Nessheim’s investigation takes him into the very heart of the Bund, it becomes increasingly clear that something far more sinister is at work, something that seems to lead directly to the White House. Drawn into the center of Washington’s high society, Nessheim finds himself caught up in a web of political intrigue and secret lives. But as he moves closer to the truth, an even more lethal plot emerges, one that could rewrite history.

French Bulldogs (Breed Profiles Series) by Susanne Saller-Schneider The first title in Barron's brand-new, beautifully produced Breed Profiles series gives a detailed account of a breed that has recently soared in popularity among dog lovers. The small, flat-nosed French Bulldog is both affectionate and lovable, with its bright saucer eyes and huge ears. This large-format book tells prospective owners everything they need to know, with chapters that describe: The Bulldog Throughout History: Origins as a mixed breed, and the breed as it's recognized today My Bulldog: Purchase and selection, breeding and breeders, getting a good start with your French Bulldog Leisure Time with the Bulldog: Education as a necessity for both you and your dog, play activities, your dog and exhibitions The Healthy Bulldog: Diet, care, disease prevention Diseases, Dangers, and Problems: Bulldog diseases and potential Bulldog problems The book is filled with large color photos showing French Bulldogs in progressive stages of growth and development, as well as at play, with kids, and simply enjoying life. A large double-page photo shows an ideal example of the breed and includes labels pointing out AKA standards.

When Love Goes Bad: TruLove Collection Anyone who's ever loved and lost will relate to the tales of timeless relationship-busters like controlling creeps, two-timing traitors and maniacal mothers-in-law! Even "been there, done that" readers will be surprised by the extraordinary accounts of love destroyed by an affair exposed on national TV, a Botox babe, and a handsome, but heartless, doctor. Twelve unique stories chronicle the relationship rollercoaster of highs and lows that so often define romantic love.

Falling in Love...Again: TruLove Collection Whether you're heartbroken or have sworn off love forever; it's perfectly timed or when you least expect it, this collection of fourteen inspirational stories will convince you that there's always a chance you'll...fall in love again. It's hard to imagine that out of the depths of despair can eventually come a new opportunity for love, but in these tales you'll meet a jilted bride, a single mom, a 9/11 widow, and a bitter city girl who all get a second chance at loving happily ever after.

The Harbormaster's Daughter by Heidi Schmidt On a freezing January night, LaRee Farnham answers a knock at her door to find a policewoman holding three-year-old Vita Gray, whose mother has just been murdered a few miles away. LaRee raises Vita with fierce love and attention, at the same time trying to shield her from the aftermath of the murder, which has deeply divided the histoiric village of Oyster Creek. Born out of wedlock, Vita is the product of the town's two very different cultures: the hard-working fishing families of Portuguese descent and the "washashores" from the mainland, who've drifted to the coast for its beauty. At sixteen, Vita is shy and isolated, estranged from her father, and bullied at school, but she is determined to come out of herself, step-by-step. When the shocking details of her past surface suddenly, Vita feels utterly betrayed by those closest to her, and the fraught tension between Oyster Creek's two cultures comes to a head. LaRee must ask hard questions about herself as a mother, while Vita turns to unexpected avenues to find meaning and discovers that the truth is almost never found in black-and-white...

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