Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Books In For Review

Check out the latest books to arrived at Feathered Quill for review.  Then stop by in a few weeks to read the reviews!

Listening to Africa by Diana M. Raab
Poet Diana M. Raab travels to the heart of Africa with her family to experience the beauty and fascination of another world. During her safari, she observes the distress, the delight, and the dignity of the humans and animals who live there and parallels them with her own quest for health.

Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency by Diana M. Raab and James Brown, editors Writers On The Edge offers a range of essays, memoirs and poetry written by major contemporary authors who bring fresh insight into the dark world of addiction, from drugs and alcohol, to sex, gambling and food. Editors Diana M. Raab and James Brown have assembled an array of talented and courageous writers who share their stories with heartbreaking honesty as they share their obsessions as well as the awe-inspiring power of hope and redemption.

Dr. Joseph Warren: The Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Birth of American Liberty by Sam Forman The definitive biography of the Revolutionary War doctor and hero. An American doctor, Bostonian, and patriot, Joseph Warren played a central role in the events leading to the American Revolution. This detailed biography of Warren rescues the figure from obscurity and reveals a remarkable revolutionary who dispatched Paul Revere on his famous ride and was the hero of the battle of Bunker Hill, where he was killed in action. Physician to the history makers of early America, political virtuoso, and military luminary, Warren comes to life in this comprehensive biography meticulously grounded in original scholarship.

 The Golf Swing: It's All in the Hands by James Lythgoe This book is written from the perspective that correct hand action is crucial to developing a well coordinated fault-free golf swing. The author's opinion is that proper hand action is missing from most golf swings. The solution offered begins with chapter three with a description of correct hand action. Detailed step-by-step instructions follow on how to implement correct hand action into the golf swing. In fact, all chapters are written using detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by colour photographs illustrating the steps. Chapter four addresses how you should use your shoulders during the golf swing. Instruction is provided on how to modify Paul Runyan's chipping method to hit full shots. Using this technique your shoulder turn can easily be monitored and coordinated with your hand action. How to grip a golf club and address a golf ball are discussed fully in chapters one and two.

NaLee by Erin Sankey

Anthology by Scott Martin

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  1. Even though I haven't played golf yet, I think it's very difficult to play because you have to shoot a very small ball into an equally small hole. The golf clubs are also very thin and slender.