Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3 Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Reading Glasses

Here's a wonderful guest post on selecting reading glasses, which many of us, er, older readers will find useful.  Thanks to Stacie Grissom of Reading Glasses Shopper for writing such a useful article.

I've always been a lifelong glasses-wearer, but it wasn't until a few years ago when they started to bother me. The summer before I left for college, something in my eyes just switched and it was impossible for me to wear my contacts anymore. My eyes itched and burned and I couldn't bear to wear anything other than my glasses. At first I was a little bummed. I know the bookish and nerdy stereotypes that people associate with the bespectacled portion of the population and I didn't want to be categorized like that. (Even if I have read all the Harry Potter books at least 5 times and always completed the summer reading challenge at my local library.) :)

Recently, my mom has had a bit of trouble with her vision as well. After countless experiences in the grocery store where she would hold up an product and ask, "What's this say?" I finally convinced her that she needed some help in the vision department. Between my personal experience with glasses, helping my mom find reading glasses, and my day job as a writer for Reading Glasses Shopper, I feel as though I have a few glasses tips up my sleeve.

1. Find a pair of glasses that you love. Your glasses have to fit your personality for you to love them. I have had some glasses in the past that I liked alright, but I didn't love them. Now I have clear classes and I think they are the best. Glasses are something that you could potentially wear every day. Choose a good pair.
clear glasses
(My clear glasses and I.)

Tip 2: Choose glasses in colors that look good on you.
Because you wear glasses on y our face, (not to point out the obvious or anything) you should really think about the colors that look good against your skin tone and choose glasses that are flattering. Ehow has a really great article on finding your skin tone season so that you can make sure you don’t wear a pair of glasses that make you seem pale or washed out.
how to choose glasses complexion

3. Figure out which strength of reading glasses you need.
Contrary to what you might think, you do not have to go to the eye doctor to figure out your reading glasses prescription. You can if you'd like, but there is a much easier way to figure out reading glasses’ prescriptions with this print-out diopter chart. These charts are also in drugstores if you want to try on reading glasses there to figure out if you need 1.25 glasses or 3.00 glasses.

I hope this helps! :)

Stacie Grissom is a writer for Reading Glasses Shopper where she writes about everything from how to fix your reading glasses to reading glasses myths. In her spare time, Stacie loves to read, write for her DIY craft blog, and play with her yellow Labrador, Bridget.


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