Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Self-Published is still a dirty word to some seems that to many in the publishing/book world, "self-publishing" is still a dirty word.  Recently, Harlequin, home to so many romance novels, announced plans to introduce a new imprint, Harlequin Horizons.  This new imprint was designed to give self-publishers a chance to publish and get their books out to the general public.  But - gasp - Romance Writers of America, along with other writers' groups, didn't like that idea.  They basically told Harlequin that if they went ahead with using the Harlequin brand name with the self-publishing imprint, Harlequin books would no longer be eligible for entry into any of their award competitions.  Harlequin bowed to the pressure and renamed the imprint DellArte Press, thus removing any implied connection between the two.  

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