Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Write Companion Opens for Business!

The Write Companion was created by authors who truly believe that the writer is the precious gem in the publishing business. Each and every writer should have the option to let their creativity and imagination shine and end up with a manuscript that will grace both bookshelves and bestseller lists. From TWC you will receive quality proofreading, editing, research, as well as ghostwriting services so that your ideas have a chance to be seen and enjoyed by book lovers across the globe.
Each month TWC will offer discounts on certain genres. For example, the month of March is dedicated to the inspirational story. Your angels, love, compassion, and beauty will be rewarded by The Write Companion where you will receive 25% off on all services that you need in order to make your story even more inspirational. Leave a message on our contact form about your project at As an author who has struggled with industry highs and lows, as well as the vast expenses that companies charge the writer, I very much want to help authors polish their manuscripts so their careers can take off! I look forward to working with you.
Amy Lignor

Each week, I will be writing a humorous blog post for the Feathered Quill blog that will touch on various subjects important to the industry like the power of social networking for authors, the world of self-publishing and how it is starting to make the normal way of doing business obsolete, as well as subjects dealing with the art of writing, film, books, the classics, daily life, etc. that will hopefully inspire authors while adding a laugh or two to their day.


  1. Thanks for featuring Amy and The Write Companion. I will look foward to her weekly posts will be checking out her site. Love your blog by the way!! :)

  2. Hey Becca: This is Amy. Thank you for your comments. I'm very excited to help authors get their ideas out to the masses, and my blog A Touch of Humor will be on this site (thanks to a VERY nice Ellen at The Feathered Quill). I look forward to speaking to you and adding a "laugh" to everybody's day! Take Care!