Monday, November 8, 2010

Car Stuck in Barn

Um.... what does this post have to do with books?  Absolutely nothing!  It's just funny and I thought we could all use a good laugh.

Here's the story...Several days ago, my husband needed to add some clutch fluid to his baby "Bumblebee," a little, bright yellow Honda convertible.  It was pouring out and he didn't want any water to get under the hood so he came up with the bright idea of driving the car into my horse barn.  Big mistake!

Bumblebee went into the barn fine.  Fluid got added and it was time to leave.  That's when the problems started.  It seems that Bumblebee is very low to the ground, and the cement tiles at the entrance to my barn are coming loose.  When the car's tires hit those tiles, up flooped the tiles and they wedged themselves very nicely between the tires and base of the car.  Bumblebee was stuck.  No, Bumblebee was very, very stuck!

Here's another view of Bumblebee, the car that got stuck in a barn (note the missing tile near the tire - it's there, just wedged into the bottom of the car):

So, how do you get a car out of a barn?  First, apparently, you try to lift it out with the farm tractor, using its forklift to brilliantly lift the car.  Well, that didn't work.  At least, tho, it didn't damage the car.  Next, you let the car sit there for a few days so the horses can make a new friend. 

Finally, it's Jimmy to the rescue.  Jimmy is a neighbor with a "floor lift."  First, place that lift in the right spot and then lift that sucker!:

Bumblebee was raised up and released from his tile prison. 

Oh, and my barn?  Let's just say we're replacing the entrance tiles with cement and new rule - no cars allowed!  Here's what my barn entrance looked like after Bumblebee's removal:


  1. Best thing I have read all day! Thank you for the smile!

  2. hehehehehehehe, loved it!